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I am Erin, a seasoned professional wearing multiple hats as a wife, mother, IT specialist, and small business owner. I focus on aiding small businesses and volunteer organizations in optimizing technology use. With a genuine passion for IT, I enjoy in-depth research and testing of diverse software and solutions to cater to specific business needs.

I take pride in simplifying software usage through practical and relatable guidance. Navigating through countless choices, I excel in identifying cost-effective solutions that align with the unique requirements of businesses and small organizations. My business philosophy revolves around creating effective solutions and imparting knowledge to clients, enabling them to harness the full potential of the implemented technology.

Central to my approach is empowering clients to have control over their software solutions. I am adaptable to each client's individual needs, providing support as required. Whether it involves crafting fully customized how-to documents at the project's conclusion for clients to manage and update their products or delivering comprehensive documentation independently, I commit to ensuring clients are well informed and equipped to handle their technology solutions.

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Education & Experience

If you are looking to switch web hosts or integrate other services or want to make sure you are taking advantage of current technology, reach out to us today to schedule a free consultation.  


  • Associate's Degree in Mobile Application Development

  • Associates Degree in Agribusiness and Science Technology


  • Web Administrator/Desktop Support/Data Analyst

  • Enterprise Application Support/Business Systems Analyst/ IT Program Analyst

  • Business Intelligence Engineer

  • Web Designer

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