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Why Savvy Tech Advice?

Over the past 10 years Erin has been successful in many technology roles. She has an Associates degree in Mobile Application Development, and an Associates degree in Agribusiness and Science Technology. She has worked with end users, process improvement, basic help desk support, software training, to complex data analysis and everything in between.

Over her career, she has realized that everyone can learn how to use any software program as long as someone shows them the way. She finds joy in guiding local businesses and nonprofits in working smarter not harder with technology.

Her current clients include a historical society, massage therapist, and a retail store.

"The best part of this diverse client portfolio is that they all need something a little different."

Her current projects feature different aspects including but not limited to:

• Appointments

• Website Design

• Logo Design

• Online Store

• Events

• Social Media Presence

• Shipping

• Inventory Management

When asked what she enjoys most about this type of work Erin says

"The business owners and organizations love what they do and are passionate about those things, I am passionate about getting the most out of the technology available to them. I listen to my clients wants and needs and then find the least expensive solution to meet their needs. I want to help them focus on their passion, not worry about how to get the right technology to help them succeed."

She has experience with multiple website hosting platforms, customer relationship management tools, marketing tools, and data analysis tools including but not limited to:

• Wix

• Constant Contact

• Square

• GoDaddy

• Shopify

• Hubspot


• Website

• WordPress

• Elementor

• Canva

• MailChimp

• BrandCrowd

If you are looking to switch web hosts , integrate other services, or just want to make sure you are taking advantage of the technology options currently available to you. Make sure to contact her today to set up a free consultation.

If you are reading this and have ever thought to yourself, there has to be a better or easier way to do this. Talk to Erin, there is a good chance that there is something out there to make your life easier.

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